Shoe Advice

A good pair of shoes makes all the difference to living an active life.

We can give you shoe advice as part of your treatment, depending on your needs. Here are some of the factors we advise on. 

  • Adjustable. Look for adjustable shoes, with laces or velcro if you have wide feet, bunions or plain sore feet.
  • Supportive. It's important to feel steady on your feet. Look for wider soles 
  • Wide toe box. Make sure your toes have room to move around.
  • Slip-resistant soles. Avoid buying shoes with slippery, shiny soles.
  • Padded insoles. If the fatty padding at the bottom of your feet is thinning, it's much more comfortable if your feet are cushioned with insoles.

We can give you a prescription for sports shoes or dress shoes, listing features to suit your feet, specific to the sports or activities you do. You can use your prescription when you buy shoes.

We also stock an extensive range of shoes, many of them suitable for people with diabetes or people with orthotics.

Our Practice is wheelchair friendly