The Importance of rest after a sports injury

As many sportspersons would know, being injured is the last thing you would want to happen to you. The temptation is to work through the pain and return to playing sport but the body needs time to recuperate. Working through the pain will delay the healing process and will mean that you will be injured for longer.

The most common objection to resting is the fear of getting out of shape. When you are injured your main focus is on healing first, and then restoring any lost fitness. If you never rest then you never allow your body to heal. While you are injured there are still many exercises you can do to maintain fitness. If you have injured your feet then you can speak to your podiatrist and they will guide you through the recovery process and show you some exercises you can do to stay fit.

Remember that your podiatrist wants you to return to playing sport as soon as possible. Listen to what your podiatrist says and follow any instructions they give you. This will ensure that you recover quicker so you can be out playing sport again sooner.

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