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Here at Capital Podiatry, we stand behind our vision and our values - they shine through in everything that we say and do! This is not only how we are, internally, as a business, but also how we show up every day and how we look after our patients. Everything is in line with our values - we live and breathe them!

We are looking for a highly experienced and self-motivated Practice Manager to join our team.  We are looking for somebody who will motivate, inspire, guide and support the business and the team.  

Our environment is fast paced, and we are always looking for ways to do things better. We want to ensure we provide the best possible care for our patients, and ensure that our staff and our patients can realise their potential.  The role of practice manager is demanding, but also extremely rewarding!

 We are looking for somebody who resonates with our values:

  1. “Team First” – We’re all about the good things. We play as a team and we look out for ways to help each other.
  2. “We care” – We treat our patients and each other professionally and kindly.
  3. “Over-Deliver - We do more than just treat you, we go that step further to exceed your expectations.
  4. “Happiness” – We are here to make your day. Our day runs better with fun, laughter and optimism.
  5. “Growth” - We believe in innovation and life-long learning – we’re always looking for ways to improve.  

 What are we looking for in our ideal Practice Manager?

You have experience in:

-       Human Resources Administration

-       General Administration

-       Team Management and Leadership

-       Financial Management

-       Practice Operations

-       Practice Systems

-       Practice Marketing

-       Business Development


What can you bring to Capital Podiatry?

-       You are a passionate team leader and team manager.

-       You can drive key strategic initiatives through to completion.

-       You have great integrity and you are trustworthy and honest.

-       You love to network and build relationships.

-       You love to bring forward new ideas, but you also love to listen and hear what others can bring.

-       You always have the best interests of the team, the people, the clients, the referrers, and the business in the front of your mind.  

-       You love to be a part of a team, and its culture.

-       You love to work and become involved in your work - you are willing to give 100% and you have an exceptional willingness to actively participate in work agendas. 

-       You love to learn.  

-       Your communication skills are outstanding.

-       Your time management and delegation skills are second to none.

-       You are authentic and not afraid to speak your mind for the greater good

How to apply.

If you would love to be a part of a strong multidisciplinary team, if culture in the workplace is an extremely important part of who you are, if you are committed to realising your potential, and guiding others to also realise their potential, please apply.

Applications will be considered if they include the following three items:

  1. Your resume
  2. A cover letter
  3. A short 1-2 minute video which explains why you would be a good fit for the job.

Please email your application to email/liz)(capitalpodiatry.com.au



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