Run and walk pain free

Are you ready to start running again but pain is holding you back?

We'll get you back exercising again - whether it's running around with the kids on the weekend or achieving those 5k runs again.

Capital Podiatry's latest piece of equipment is the most advanced gait analysis system in Canberra.

It’s for people who love sport or just want to keep active.

  • Thousands of pressure sensor pads and two cameras collect data.
  • Your footsteps feed into a large screen in front of you.
  • You will see how you walk and run like never before. 
  • We capture data about your foot and leg function and pressure points.
  • You will see any dysfunction as it happens.
  • We'll work with you to improve the way you move.
  • Wear shoes or go bare foot.

Your appointment:

  • One hour — a combination of gait analysis and treatment.
  • It's our new high-tech way to add gait analysis to your appointment.
  • No price rise. No hidden costs.
  • Print out of detailed, tailored results.
  • Assessment of your results by our experienced podiatrists.
  • Easy-to-understand treatment priorities.

Gait analysis

This video shows a marathon runner, who was using the 3D gait analysis system we've bought to improve his running.

The images showed that his weight was not evenly distributed and that his knees were locking in behind each other.

It was valuable information to help the podiatrist prescribe a treatment plan and orthotics.

It was also the first time that the runner had seen such scientific data about himself — and he welcomed the detailed report that the system produces.


Our Practice is wheelchair friendly