Treating painful feet and legs

The way we treat pain and boost your athletic performance—that’s what sets us apart from the rest.

To treat your painful legs and feet we use a mix of gentle massage, stretches, balance exercises and foot ‘mobilisation’—which means releasing stuck or restricted joints in your feet and legs.

Think of it like massage for your joints.

We're a calm spot in your busy day—so lie back and relax!

Wear the shoes you love — pain free

Have you been told you need orthotics?

We will try to fix your feet so you're pain free.

We try to find the reason you're in pain rather than just fitting you for a pair of orthotics.

For women in particular, this means that you do not need to suddenly start wearing orthotic-friendly shoes.

We understand that you do not want to compromise on the shoes you wear. We want to help you avoid having to wear 'granny shoes'.

But as podiatrists, we're not recommending that you wear high heels all the time! Wear a range of shoes, some with flat, comfortable heels, and give your feet a well-deserved rest.

Why does foot pain happen?

Most pain and discomfort is caused when joints move out of place.

If one of your joints is out of its right spot, the joints and connective tissue around it all move to compensate.

Your injury won't get better on its own without treatment.

What is our treatment?

We mobilise your feet—using massage, gentle pressure, heat packs, dry needling and more.

We look after you with corrective therapy and follow-up exercises to kick start your body's natural repair mechanisms.

The way we will help includes:

  • improving the mobility around your joints by easing away restrictions and sticking points
  • restoring your joints to their correct position
  • releasing the surrounding tissues, which will have shortened or lengthened to compensate
  • improving your muscle strength by invigorating the nerve messages from the brain to the muscles, and
  • reducing the pain messages sent to the brain by stimulating your joints.

We will also prescribe you a set of tailored exercises if they would help your condition.

These exercises will aim to improve your strength, stability and ability to stretch.

Capital Podiatry

Feet are just the start...

Joint and connective tissue restrictions can cause a wide variety of issues such as:

  • sore shins
  • inflamed tendons
  • sore calves
  • heel pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • weak ankles, and
  • lower back pain.




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